Sunday, August 5, 2018

150 Pack Tipton Public Library for Launch of Janis Thornton's True Crime 'Too Good a Girl'

More than 150 people crowded the Tipton Public Library on August 4 for the launch of "Too Good A

Girl," a true crime book by Speed City Sisters in Crime member Janis Thornton. 

The book tackles the 53-year-old unsolved murder of 17-year-old Olene Emberton in Tipton. Olene was a classmate of Janis. 

In the mid-sixties, no part of the world seemed more serene and secure than rural small-town Indiana. That all changed in an instant when Olene Emberton, a quiet 17-year-old high school girl disappeared after a Saturday night date. Two days later, her nude body was found along a desolate road, her clothes neatly folded beside her. The autopsy could not determine a cause of death. 

Fifty-three years later, Janis Thornton explores the still unsolved crime that left her classmate dead, police without any leads, a family shattered and a town forever changed. 

The murder has haunted the town ever since, as was evident by the turnout. Several surviving members of the Emberton family were present for the book launch, as were a number of Olene's classmates.  

Janis gave a reading of Chapter One of the book, a very personal account of learning of Olene's death and the shock waves it sent through Tipton County. Janis answered questions about the book and the task of researching and writing it.  Coroner of Tipton County and several former police officers who assisted Janis in her research, also answered questions about the difference in current and past investigation and forensic techniques. 

"Too Good A Girl" is a gripping read, pulling the reader in from the first page. With dogged determination, Ms Thornton examines the evidence, re-interviews witnesses, questions investigators, and seeks for an answer to what happened to “Too Good A Girl.” The truth is there. It is only up to the reader to determine which truth is the right one.  

It is available on Amazon.com as well as through http://www.janis-thornton.com 

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