Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Speed City SinC Star on WFYI's NO LIMITS; Streaming Interview Available Online

Front row: Michael Dabney, Crystal Rhodes & Diana Catt in WFYI Studios
Three members of Speed City Sisters in Crime talked for an hour WFYI-FM host John Krull on his weekly show NO LIMITS.

Michael Dabney, Crystal Rhodes and Diana Catt talked about the Sisters in Crime Organization, the value of joining writing groups, and the Chapter's upcoming major event, writing and producing a one act mystery play.

The play will be performed six times between August 16-26 as part of Indy Fringe Fest.

The one-hour show is available for streaming on line.  To listen, Click HERE

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

WFYI's "No Limits" Focuses on DEADBEAT, Speed City SinC; Tune In July 31 at 1 p.m.

WHAT:     No Limits Interview about DEADBEAT & Sisters in Crime
WHEN:    Tuesday, July 31 at 1 p.m.
WHERE:  WFYI (90.1 FM), Indianapolis

WFYI'S July 31 No Limits program will feature an hour-long discussion about Speed City Sisters in Crime and its latest project, the one-act play Deadbeat, which is scheduled for six performances during Indy FringeFest.

No Limits is a daily program  hosted by John Krull on WFYI radio (90.1 FM), the Indianapolis Public Radio Station operated by Butler University.  Speed City members Diana Catt, Crystal Rhodes and Michael Dabney talked with Krull about mystery writing and the Chapter's first-of-its-kind play. Deadbeat is the first time any chapter of the national Sisters in Crime organization has attempted writing and producing a play.

Directed by noted local director Deborah Asante, DEADBEAT will have six performances between August 16 and 26 at the 100-seat Basile Fringe Theater, 719 E St Clair St, Indianapolis, IN 46202. The play features an outstanding cast of experienced local actors: Gabrielle Patterson, Alicia Sims & Zach Hyatt

Tickets are $15 for adults, $12 for seniors and adults, with a $1 per ticket service fee for online orders.  Tickets are available now. To Order, click this link:  TICKETS TO DEADBEAT

Remember: Tuesday,  July 31, 1 p.m. on WFYI (90.1 FM).

Sunday, July 22, 2018



Tickets for are now available online for  DEADBEAT, the innovative one-act psychological murder mystery written and produced by Speed City Chapter of the National Sisters In Crime.  

Director Deborah Assante
Tickets are $15 for adults, $12 for seniors and adults, with a $1 per ticket service fee for online orders.  To Order your tickets NOW, click this link:  TICKETS TO DEADBEAT

Deadbeat will have six performances between August 16 and 26 at the 100-seat Basille Fringe Theater, 719 E St Clair St, Indianapolis, IN 46202.  Deadbeat is part of the nationally-recognized Indy FringeFest.  

“It’s going to be the adult show to see, said Deborah Asante, the award-winning director of the play. The play features an experienced professional cast: Gabrielle Patterson (Abigail), Alicia Simms (Celeste) and Zach Hyatt (Matt).

Deadbeat is the first project of its kind for any chapter of the national Sisters in Crime organization. The Play was a group project written by Speed City Chapter members with guidance from noted playwright and chapter member C.V. Rhodes. 

Cast Gabrielle Patterson, Alicia Sims & Zach Hyatt

DEADBEAT six performance schedule is:  

THURSDAY             AUGUST 16      9:00 P.M.
SATURDAY             AUGUST 18      9:00 P.M.
MONDAY                AUGUST 20      9:00 P.M.
THURSDAY            AUGUST 23      7:30 P.M.
FRIDAY                   AUGUST 24      6:00 P.M.
SUNDAY                 AUGUST 26      7:30 P.M.

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Using Pinterest to Promote Your Visibility and Sales

by Ross Carley

I've launched a Pinterest site for my Ross Carley mysteries and cyber-thrillers. In this blog, I tell you why, and give you hints for establishing and managing your own. I also discuss selecting Pinterest boards to put on your site – how to choose the subjects that attract readers. Then I share hints for managing the boards you’ve put on Pinterest, which includes integrating them into your other social media such as your website.

I write novels in the murder mystery and cyberthriller genres, so I selected Pinterest board subjects that reflect that. I want to promote my own books, of course, but also point readers to other authors in my genres that I’m especially excited about.

In my research, I read a great deal about cybercriminals, cybercrimes, the dark net, and nasty malware that is dealt with by, and among, three-letter agencies. Then there’s international cyber-espionage. All of this scares the hell out of me. I want to provide links to resources that will scare my readers, too.

After considering and discarding various Pinterest board topics, I chose four:

  1. Great mysteries and cyberthrillers. I include my own books here, of course, but also those in my genres by my favorite authors such as Reece Hirsch and Ray Daniel.
  2. Resources for writers of mysteries and cyberthrillers. Here I feature books on writing that have been especially helpful to me.  (My latest addition is Ben Percy's Thrill Me.)
  3. Cybercrime and cyberterrorism nonfiction that will scare you. This includes nonfiction accounts of malware and cybercriminals, and of our own three-letter agencies, that keep me up at night – and writing! (The Shadow Factory by Bamford is the latest addition. It’s the history of NSA leading up to 911.)
  4. On-location photos from Ross Carley books. These
    are photos of locations of scenes in my books, or locations/buildings/etc. that  "inspired" something in one of my books. My protagonist Wolf Ruger’s office is in the Indianapolis area known as Broad Ripple. My Pinterest On-Location board has a photo of the building where his office is located. His favorite coffee shop, Java Joe’s, is located under his office (it’s actually a Starbucks).

Shari Stauch (https://writerswin.com) was the inspiration and driving force behind my getting on Pinterest. The four categories were partly her idea and partly mine, except for the on-location photos...Shari suggested that, and I'm having a ball with it.

Shari taught me a couple of things about Pinterest (or I probably wouldn't have bothered with it):

First: To the extent feasible, point all your pins back to your own website. When creating a Pinterest pin, there's an option to just click on an item such as a book cover and then, when you add it to one of your Pinterest boards, it carries the URL along with it so if someone clicks on it, it takes them to the website where you found it. Interesting, but not profitable for you. (You may still want or have to (legal reasons) do this sometimes, and I do.)  Instead, whenever you can, save it as a JPG file on your computer, then upload it as a pin and designate your own website as the URL. Bingo...they click on it and you have 'em. 

Second: Regardless of your genre, Shari highly recommends a board with the real-life locations from your novels or stories, or at least locations that inspired the locations in your books.  Examples: I drove around the Meridian-Kessler neighborhood where one of my characters lived in Formula Murder. I found the perfect house, modified the draft description I’d written, and it became Liz Phillips’ house. Also, my readers can see where Wolf Ruger’s office is located, and out-of-towners can see the Athenaeum, a German-American landmark with the Rathskeller Restaurant, where at least one scene takes place in each of my books.

I'm having fun taking the on-location photos while collecting ideas for future books. My Pinterest site is: https://www.pinterest.com/rosscarleybooks/  

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Experienced Cast Selected for DEADBEAT

Outstanding Cast Will Bring DEADBEAT To Life

Crystal V. Rhodes

The cast of Deadbeat is complete!  

Gabrielle Patterson (Abigail), Alicia Simms (Celeste) and Zach Hyatt (Matt) have been cast. When the curtain rises and these actors bring their characters to life it should be quite a treat.

The actors for Deadbeat, from left, Gabrielle Patterson (Abigail), Zach Hyatt (Matt) and Alicia Simms (Celeste)

Deadbeat was written by members of the Speed City Sisters in Crime, and is under the skilled direction of multi-talented, Deborah Asante, the Founder and Artistic Director of the Asante Children’s Theater of Indianapolis (A.C.T.).  Deadbeat is a one act play of murder, malice and mystery, with a touch of humor.  

It’s going to take quite a bit to live up to that expectation.  There’s little doubt that these actors will be the ones to do it. 

I’ve been a playwright and author for quite a while and there aren’t that many performers who   impress me, but I’ve witnessed the artistic talents of the actors cast in this play.  Each of them has performed in a theatrical work in which I’ve been involved, and each brought something to their roles that left an impression.  I strongly suspect the same will be true when Deadbeat makes its debut.  Why not attend a performance and see for yourself? 

Tickets for the 2018 Indy Fringe will go on sale in July.  DEADBEAT will be presented at the IndyFringe Basile Theatre, 719 E. St. Clair St., Indianapolis, IN

THUR. AUG. 16, 9:00 P.M.
SAT. AUG 18, 9:00P.M.
MON. AUG 20, 9:00 P.M.
THUR. AUG 23, 7:30 P.M.
FRI. AUGUST 24, 6:00 P.M.
SUN. AUG 26, 7:30 P.M.

C.V. Rhodes is co-author of the Grandmothers, Incorporated cozy mystery series with fellow author, L. Barnett Evans.  Visit their website at www.grandmothersinc.com.  Rhodes is also the author of the romantic suspense Sin Series and the Stillwaters Series. Visit her website at www.crystalrhodes.com.